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Vehicle Maintenance Forms

Vehicle Maintenance Forms Allow For Better Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle Maintenance Forms

A vehicle can retain its performance and longevity only with proper maintenance. The vehicle must undergo maintenance on a scheduled basis to achieve reduction in costly repairs, less down time, and better driving. This makes documentation of pre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspections an important aspect of vehicle maintenance. Inspection enables identification of the conditions that could affect the risk-free operation of the vehicle.

A post-trip inspection performed at the end of the day or shift helps to identify any defective conditions that might develop during the trip. These safety inspections help in monitoring of vehicle components to determine whether the vehicle is roadworthy. The details of each inspection can be recorded in a vehicle maintenance form.

Vehicle Maintenance Forms

The vehicle maintenance forms are essentially meant to produce the details of inspection performed on the vehicle whenever required. These forms must include the checklist, which the mechanic uses to check out the inspections performed on the vehicle. The vehicle maintenance forms documents the type of maintenance preventive, wearable replacement or repair.

The preventive maintenance activities are performed in each of the inspections and include the replacement of worn parts. It includes inspection of parts such as air filter, coolant, Oil, tune-up, NC inspection etc. The date of maintenance with cost is also mentioned in the form.

The inspection of battery, brake pads, headlights, shocks, tires, windshield wipers and other such parts exposed to wear and tear are included in the wearable maintenance description in the form. The larger repairs are reserved for less frequent inspections. However, for the common parts the schedule of inspection is more frequent.

The elements to be inspected in the pre-trip and post-trip inspections include speedometer, doors, fluids, emergency equipment, back-up alarms, cleanliness, wheelchair lifts, review of exterior condition and other inspection of other parts.

The examination of the vehicle defects are noted in the forms. The defects that can descend the vehicle operations are graded according to the importance - requiring immediate attention, or attention when spare time permits, or to be put under observation. There are proper repair works that can be carried out as necessary and repair details recorded on the vehicle maintenance form. This provides condition monitoring of the vehicle fleet for both relevant authority and operator.

There are a number of important information contained in the vehicle maintenance forms. One of the vital information being the ''the bar code number'' or ''decal number'' that is used for inventory of District property. It also includes year, make and model of the vehicle. The vehicle identification number (VIN) is also provided in the form.

Some of the general things included in the form are the mileage date, work ticket, and cost. The mileage at the time when the vehicle was checked or work done on the vehicle is provided in the form. The date when the vehicle had been inspected, the work ticket number provided by the outside vendor working on the vehicle or form used to record details and the expenses for the work performed on the vehicle, are present in the vehicle maintenance forms.

However, any vehicle faults related to performance or else must be noticed at the earliest. In such situations, the vehicle maintenance forms help to ensure immediate or scheduled repair, undertaken following the safety inspection.